Organized Home Office and Library

office 1

office desk, after

I had the opportunity to work with a client to get her home office and library organized! A huge part of this was going through years worth of documents and papers to see what could be jettisoned and what needed to find a space in her filing cabinet. I love working with folks to set up filing systems that work for their lives. After all, the best organizational system is one that you will use and maintain!

office 2

office desk, before

This space serves a lot of purposes: home office, library, exercise space, and a pass through to the back patio. Going through the boxes of paperwork, files, and miscellany made a huge difference in making it a functional and pretty space. I absolutely adored the wall of shelving and had such a fun time organizing the books by category. There is also now plenty of storage for CDs, since the client loves music.

office 3

library, before

I think that this project really goes to show that you don’t need to spend a ton of money on organizational supplies to get a space to work well for you. We purchased additional boxes for CD storage (to match the ones she already had) and additional folders for the filing cabinet. That’s it!

office 4

library, after

What things have you done to make your home office or work space more organized?

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