Home Library Before + After


Let me preface this post by saying that I love to read and think it’s important to keep your most well-loved books at your fingertips. However, when your books start taking over your home, it might be time to give us a call!

Here’s a snap of how things looked beforehand:



With our wonderful clients, we sorted through all of the books, grouping those by the same authors together. We then went back through to see which they wanted to have on hand to read again, and which could be passed along to a new home.

When going through your own books once you’ve reached maximum capacity, there are really two basic solutions: buy more shelves or cull your collection. There are plenty of charities that take book donations, and you can also try your hand at selling volumes on Amazon or other websites. Keep in mind that many donation centers do not take textbooks, so these are better off being sold, given to someone else who will use them, or recycled.

Although it may seem simple, I’m in love with the end result of this project. The clients’ most-loved books are accessible, and they now have an empty shelf for room to add to their collection in the future. That’s what I call a #sweetspace!

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