2015 Goals

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I know that we’re a few weeks into 2015 already, but I’ve felt like I just needed a bit more time to figure out a plan for the year ahead. I’ve been using my friend Lara Casey’s PowerSheets, and they have been such a tremendous help in this process, as well as her book and blog posts on goal setting. This has also been the first year that I’ve really spent time asking God what He wants me to tackle in the year ahead, and how I can best bring glory to Him. This week we had a guest pastor at church, and his sermon was about this exact topic, which made me even more fired up to make what I’ve outlined below happen!

2015 Goals

  • Have a strong relationship with God + feel strengthened in my knowledge of Him and His plan for my life.
  • Be physically fit + vibrantly healthy so that I can actively + energetically use this gift of life God has given me.
  • Nourish my body well and give it the fuel + rest it needs to function at its best, keeping my cravings focused on God, not food.
  • Spend purposeful + intentional time together with Kate to keep our marriage a top priority even when things get busy or stressful.
  • Put time, energy + effort into securing clients to build my business.
  • Ensure that all of my actions + activities related to Honey Hive Home are thoughtful + accurately portray who I am as a person + business owner.
  • Act as a good steward of the blessings with which God has entrusted us, setting + adhering to a budget, caring for what we have, coveting less and giving well.
  • Be disciplined in my daily routine, making time for what matters + honoring the boundaries I want to implement.
  • Build + grow deep friendships focused on encouragement, support + fun.
  • Actively pursue adventure + say ‘yes’ to trying new things outside my comfort zone.

Honestly, I’m resisting the urge to share paragraph-long explanations and justifications about each of these, so just know that these goals come from my heart. My word for 2015 that I want to focus on is discipline, and I really want to bring this to all areas of my life, while still having fun.

I actually took a break from sharing my monthly goals last year, because I didn’t feel like they were really connecting most with my overall plans, but I would now like to share what I’m focused on each month for a mix of accountability and inspiration. I’m hoping that’s something you won’t mind me posting! Since I finalized my goals last week, I decided to combine the months of January + February for my monthly goal setting, so my plan is to share those next week.

I’d love to hear: what are your goals for this year? Do you have a word picked out? Or do you refrain from goal setting altogether?

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