January + February Goals

image1 (3)

As I mentioned in last week’s post, I’ve combined my goals so that they will span the remainder of January through the end of February. I’m really excited to make progress on these items by working hard and resting well.

  • Set a household budget + use cash for allotted categories
  • Book campsites for our road trip
  • Contact friends + family with whom we’d like to stay on our road trip
  • Research airbnb options for the rest of our trip
  • Meet with two small business owners to connect
  • Read one organizing book
  • Research + start book on finding clients
  • Create calendar for blog + start posting regularly
  • Only purchase clothing to replace ones that no longer fit
  • Complete Whole30 + decide on food plan going forward
  • Plan two group events with friends
  • Finish scanning family memorabilia

Alongside these, I have several weekly goals:

  • Meal plan + grocery shop
  • Have one tv-free night per week with Kate
  • Exercise a majority of days
  • Attend church and/or Bible study
  • Exercise 1x/week with a friend
  • Call my mom
  • Spend at least 30 minutes scanning

I hope that focusing time and attention on these goals will help me make progress on the things that matter most. Now your turn! Dish: what are your goals for this month?

4 thoughts on “January + February Goals

  1. I love the TV-free night weekly goal! My husband and I actually decided not to have a TV altogether and it is amazing! I hope you enjoy a TV-free evening as much as we do!

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