How + Why I Use a Purse Organizer

how i use a purse organizer chapel hill organizer

I’m a firm believer that the best way to get and stay organized is to simply have fewer things. However, I also think that some thoughtful organizing products can make a big difference in how we function! One product I’ve been loving for the past few months has been this in.bag handbag organizer that I picked up at The Container Store.

I like to pretend that I’m not a bit high maintenance, but I had been getting frustrated at how cumbersome it was to transfer my belongings when I wanted to switch purses. I love being prepared for things I’ll likely need when on the go, and enjoy being able to add a helping hand in the form of gum, ibuprofen or a hair elastic when someone’s in need. This is also really picky (like I said, high maintenance), but I didn’t like that my belongings were in a different spot depending on which purse I carried.

When I was doing some perusing at The Container Store before the holidays (#professionalorganizerproblems) and came across this handbag organizer, I figured I would give it a try! So far I’ve really loved it for the following reasons:

  • Having all of my belongings in set places, regardless of purse
  • The number of pockets + sections it has, allowing me to have a place for everything
  • Being able to create sections within my purse, since the organizer also acts as a divider
  • Using the snaps + zippers on the sides to keep the footprint of the organizer compact, so it doesn’t take up too much space
  • Adorable polka dots + stripes – I’m a sucker for form + function

Here’s what I keep in it on a regular basis:

how i use a purse organizer 2 chapel hill organizer

Clockwise from top left: headphones (kept neat with this cable turtle), pen, hair ties, nail clippers + the best bobby pins; lens wipes (great for glasses, phones + laptop screens) + roller ball perfume; ibuprofen, eye drops, antacids + blister bandaids; business cards in a handy carrying case; breath fresheners + lip gloss; hand lotion + my favorite hand sanitizer; hairbrush, minimergency kit + EpiPen (silly food allergies!)

With all of these things, there are still a few items I keep separated from the handbag organizer for easy access: my wallet, glasses case, cell phone and chap stick. The first two are kept in the main compartment of my purse right next to the organizer, and the latter are in the zippered pocket of the purse, along with car keys if I have them.

I love being able to switch from one purse to another easily, blindly find whatever I need in my purse, and know that I have pretty much anything I could need with me at any given time. It’s also great to easily identify what doesn’t belong, like a wayward receipt or something I picked up while running errands.

I’d love to hear: how do you keep your purse organized? What other organizing products are you loving lately?

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