Tuesday Ten: Get to Know Professional Organizer Becky Marple

Bee Neat Organizing
In this week’s installment of Tuesday Ten, I’m excited to introduce you to fellow professional organizer Becky Marple of Bee Neat: A Professional Organizing Company. Becky and I connected via Instagram and I’ve loved getting to follow along with the great work she does in the Oklahoma City area.

Honey Hive Home: Tell us a bit about yourself.
Becky: I am a mom to a 3-year-old little girl and happily married to my guy for 8 years.  I am #7 out of 10 kids!  Yes, 10: 5 boys, 5 girls.  Dad was military so it’s no wonder I am a pro organizer 🙂

Becky's Website Photo

Top three words to describe yourself.
Tenacious (don’t tell me I can’t do something), energetic, empathetic & sensitive – I wish I could rescue the world.  It hurts me deeply when I hear of child abuse, neglect or hunger.

What do you love most about being an organizer?
What I love most about being an organizer is probably two parts. I love seeing the results of a big project and showing the client how pretty their home can be. Equally, I love teaching and coaching the client so that they can maintain our work long after our appointment.

2015-04-28 10.38.11
What do you find to be the most challenging?
For me, a hoarder who is a resistant client is the most challenging aspect of my job. I am a happy go lucky person and love to work in happy environments where the client is open to changes and new systems. In negative environments where a client is borderline rude and I am having to explain how it’s unsanitary or not okay to hoard trash or certain items, it wears on me.

What advice do you have for a new professional organizer?
My advice for a new PO would be to do as much research as possible. Read, take online organizing courses, read magazines and work for free helping friends and family for at least a year before launching your business.

2015-04-28 10.37.10
What about for someone thinking about hiring an organizer?
I would recommend someone who is considering hiring an organizer to do their research. To see before and after photos, to ask for at least 5 references and to ask a lot of questions before hiring someone. Hiring an organizer is a very personal thing, and you want to find the right the right fit for your personality and your home.

What are your must-have products when organizing?
My label maker and cute labels, chalk marker and chalk labels, contractor trash bags, plastic gloves and my measuring tape.

2015-04-28 10.40.39
What’s a favorite space you’ve organized?
My favorite space I’ve organized was a client’s master closet. It was a huge mansion, there was no budget and she wanted everything top of the line. She is an Interior Decorator so I felt so much pressure to get it right. I asked the right questions and used how she already decorated as my guide to her taste. I ended up spending $3000 just in containers, boxes and baskets but it was the most beautiful finished closet. It looks like a closet straight from the Kardashians! 🙂

What do you love most about where you live?
I live in Edmond, OK, which is just 15 miles outside of Oklahoma City. Some of the nicest people live here and although we have a bad rap for tornado alley, it’s really not that bad. It’s usually beautiful just about year round. Our schools are ranked some of the highest in the nation and overall just a great place to raise a family.

2015-04-28 10.40.56
Please share your #1 tip for someone looking to get organized.
My number one tip for someone who is looking to get organized would be doing something is better than doing nothing.  Start somewhere, you can do it! If you get overwhelmed, recruit a friend or hire an organizer!

All photos provided by Becky Marple.

Thank you for sharing with us, Becky! I love your tip for folks looking to get organized. I’m a firm believer in progress, not perfection, so making even small steps to get organized can yield big results over time. Also, I’m totally ready to move into your client’s closet! Anyone else? It sounds like a dream!

Are you a professional organizer? Get in touch so we can feature you in a future edition of Tuesday Ten!

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