60 Before 30

Hello there! With my 30th birthday less than two years away, I loved the idea of setting some goals to work toward between now and then. I have also loved following Emily’s 60 Before 30 list + was inspired to make my own! Nearly all of my goals fell within a few key categories, which you will see below. Since I have a limited amount of time, I wanted to focus both on things I’ve been looking forward to making happen + things that I have been putting off as a way to encourage progress. I want to be focused in the coming months on being the best version of myself + living life to the fullest as I finish out one decade + begin another. If you’ve done something similar in the past (or even if you haven’t), I’d love to hear your thoughts + tips!

60 Before 30
Start: October 13, 2015
End: June 17, 2017
Items completed to date:

Grow My Skills
1. Take a cooking class
2. Make a piece of art for over our bed
3. Take a creative/art class
4. Upgrade our sewing machine + take a class on how to use it
5. Develop my (very basic!) cross-stitch skills
6. Have a quilt made from my sorority t-shirts (or donate them!)
7. See three classic films (some ideas: Gone With the Wind, Philadelphia, Rear Window, North by Northwest, Lawrence of Arabia, Some Like It Hot, The Maltese Falcon, High Noon, All About Eve, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Roman Holiday, It Happened One Night, Bringing Up Baby, His Girl Friday)
8. Read three classic novels (a few ideas: Cider House Rules by John Irving, Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen, The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell)
9. Read (at least) 30 books total
10. Try a seasonal capsule wardrobe
Develop Good Habits
11. Develop + maintain a consistent exercise routine
12. Go (at least) a month without eating gluten + lactose (I’m intolerant to both)
13. Learn how to style my hair (from soaking wet to finished) in under 15 minutes
14. Average a bike ride a month or sell my bike
15. Join a CSA (again!)
16. Plant an herb garden
17. Go to bed + wake up at consistent times for (at least) two months
18. Develop + maintain a consistent morning routine
Make + Preserve Memories
19. Digitize my family photos
20. Print our favorite photos in 2015
21. …and 2016!
22. Make photo books from our big trips + family vacations
23. Keep a journal for at least a month
24. Take a beach vacation
25. Visit our families in CO
26. Visit our family in WA
27. Visit five more National Parks (on the short list: Great Smoky Mountains, Shenandoah, Congaree, Mount RainierJoshua Tree + Channel Islands)
28. Go berry picking + make a (gluten-free) cobbler (here’s a good list to reference)
29. Go on five dates with Kate to new-to-us Triangle locations (some ideas: hiking at Umstead Park, hiking to the Eno Rock Quarry, getting a drink at Bar Virgile or The Durham’s rooftop bar + going to a book reading at The Regulator)
30. Dine at five new-to-us Triangle restaurants (on the short list: Mateo, Nana’s, Four Square, Dashi, The Washington Duke Inn + The Restaurant at The Durham)
31. Go camping at least three times
32. Go to three concerts, shows or sporting events
Celebrate Often
33. Host a Thanksgiving dinner
34. Host a themed party (perhaps a favorite things party or a wine-tasting party)
35. Host a shower for a friend
36. Celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday (6.16.16)
37. Plan something fun for our fifth wedding anniversary (10.15.16)
38. Host friends/family for overnight visits at least three times
39. Begin Christmas traditions we can carry forward
Serve + Give Freely
40. Take on additional leadership roles within Junior League and/or other organizations
41. Find a church home we love + get involved
42. Send flowers to my grandma, just because
43. Make + distribute care packages to the homeless (similar to these)
44. Send a care package to my cousin in college during final exams
45. Start giving experiential gifts to our niece + nephews (some ideas: tickets to sporting events, zoo or aquarium memberships, lessons or a class they’ve been wanting to take, a gift card to their favorite restaurant)
46. Build up our charitable giving until we are donating 5% of our take-home income (+ increase it from there)
Build My Business + Our Financial Foundation
47. Update our wills + powers of attorney
48. Meet with a financial coach + fine-tune our budgeting skills
49. Pay at least $10k toward my student loans
50. Resume contributions to my retirement account (#selfemployedstruggles)
51. Start saving for a new (to us) car
52. Transition my website to Squarespace
53. Have head shots taken
54. Take three classes via NAPO to grow my knowledge
55. Budget for + go to a conference
56. Develop + maintain a consistent blog schedule
57. Create an e-course or similar resource
58. Be featured on (at least) five blogs or media outlets
59. Work with (at least) 20 new clients
60. Double my monthly salary from what it is currently
And one for good luck…
61. Try to grow our family

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