Honey Hive Home


Although created in 2014, our founder has been helping to organize the homes of friends and family for years. Our mission is simple: to help clients love their spaces through clearing the clutter and implementing customized organizational systems.

Our values:

  • We prize honesty and integrity above all else. We keep our word and maintain clear communication with our clients.
  • We maintain confidentiality. We will never share specific details or photographs of client projects without their permission.
  • We believe in active listening to ensure that we understand the goals of our clients and that we are meeting and exceeding their expectations.
  • We believe that your home should be a refuge, not a source of stress or anxiety
  • We believe in working collaboratively with our clients to clear clutter and create systems that will help them to function at a high level.
  • We believe in maximizing every inch of your space. You put your hard earned money toward each square foot; we help clients put this space to work!
  • We love to have fun! Whether hauling boxes and bins or getting covered in dust, helping people get organized is our passion. Part of our role is to make the task of organizing manageable for our clients.


Our Founder


Hi there! I’m Hillary Bruce, founder of Honey Hive Home, based in Chapel Hill, NC. Our company provides professional organizing services to folks in the Triangle and Triad communities. Don’t live in these areas? No problem! We enjoy travel.

I have always loved keeping things organized and decorated. Some of my fondest childhood memories include rearranging furniture in my dollhouse and drawing my own home accessories when the ones provided just weren’t cutting it. I’m also somewhat embarrassed to admit that my pantry is one of my favorite places to show off on a tour of our home, largely due to my fondness for my label maker.

I have a B.A. in history (with several minors, including one in psychology) from Elon University and a M.Ed. in higher education administration from North Carolina State University. My professional background includes working with several statewide and local nonprofits, and I continue to value every opportunity I have to give back and serve in my community.

Believe me when I say that I understand what it’s like to be in a space that just isn’t working. Whether it’s a closet that you slam the door on so that things won’t avalanche out onto the floor, a living room that feels cluttered, or a mountain of paperwork burying your office productivity, I can help you infuse order and style into your life.

I would be honored to get to know you and help create a space or system that will work for you and your family or company. Looking to get in touch? Please visit our contact page and drop us a line!

When not organizing spaces (which is my idea of fun!), I love spending time with my family (particularly my wife Kate), being involved in our faith community, Instagramming, listening to NPR, playing personal shopper to friends, reading, and taking trips to the farmers’ market.