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We periodically post organizing challenges to help our social media followers get organized and inspired. See below for more details.


Organized August

With back-to-school hot on our heels, this month is the perfect to reset for the busy months ahead. Join our challenge for all or part of the month. Find a challenge that doesn’t apply to you? Feel free to skip it or switch it with another day. Participate every day and get rid of 31+ items in just one month!


8/1 – Purse: clean it out. Toss old receipts and other trash. Return things to their proper place.

8/2 – Mail: achieve real-life inbox zero. Recycle catalogs and flyers. Pay outstanding bills. Put other mail in its proper place (kids’ desks, bulletin board, etc.). While you’re at it, send a thank you or a sweet note to brighten someone’s day!

8/3 – Magazines: read through and recycle old issues. File any away you’re keeping for inspiration. Have a friend who could use a pick-me-up? Make a pile to give to her and put them in your car or by the front door.

8/4 – Wallet: get rid of unnecessary receipts and expired coupons. Toss loyalty cards for stores that you don’t frequent. Organize all of your cash so it’s in order and facing the same direction. Have tons of coins? Bring them to a Coin Star machine and cash them in!

8/5 – Office: round up those writing utensils and test them out. Toss any that don’t work or that you just hate to write with.

8/6 – Computer: clear off your desktop. Put items into the trash. Create folders for items that can be grouped together. Change your background image to something inspiring (click here for some great ones from Lara Casey) now that you’ll be able to see it!

8/7 – Files: put anything outstanding into its proper file folder. Don’t have one for a particular category? Bust out those labels and make one!

8/8 – Shred: fire up that shredder and get rid of outdated documents containing sensitive information. Don’t have a shredder? Research a free shredding day in your area or check out a local office supply store. Many offer shredding services for just a few dollars!

8/9 – Phone: is your smart phone running slowly or almost out of storage? Delete blurry or unflattering photos, apps you aren’t using, or podcasts you’ve listened to already. If you have an iPhone, reorganize apps by category to make finding them easier!

8/10 – Pantry: go through your pantry or kitchen cabinets and get rid of anything past its expiration date. Want some bonus points? Go through your refrigerator, too! Remember that even condiments expire eventually.

8/11 – Pantry: donate any non-perishable items that your family isn’t going to eat. Bring them to your local food bank or see if your grocery store or religious congregation has a drop off spot!

8/12 – Junk drawer: if you have more than one drawer, start with one. Go through the items and toss anything that’s broken or completely random (take-out salt and pepper that have opened, for example). Been meaning to fix the clasp on a bracelet? Do it, or research where to bring it. Oh, and vacuum up anything that’s spilled in there while you’re at it!

8/13 – Junk drawer: group like with like. Keep all of your writing utensils, scissors, or chop sticks together. Toss or donate the surplus. Find some extra containers around your house to corral the clutter or purchase a drawer organizer to help!

8/14 – Bills: round up any bills that you’re still getting in paper form. Unless you have a compelling reason to keep getting them via snail mail, sign up for paperless billing. Now you’ll have even fewer pieces of paper coming your way!

8/15 – School/office supplies: back-to-school is upon us! Take stock of your supplies. Toss anything that’s broken or damaged. Even if you don’t have kids, take advantage of those store sales to replace anything you need to start the school year off on the right foot!

8/16 – Closet: pick a clothes closet (yours or your child’s) and find at least five pieces to toss or donate.

8/17 – Dresser: keep up the momentum from yesterday! Find another five pieces here that are worn out or unused to toss or donate.

8/18 – Pictures: choose one photo box or album to go through. Toss duplicates, old negatives you aren’t going to use, and any photos you don’t want to keep. Go the extra mile and organize these chronologically to make finding your memories even easier!

8/19 – Bookshelves: look through your book collection. Find five to donate so that someone else can enjoy them! If you have a book you just know a friend or family member would love, send it their way along with a quick note.

8/20 – Nightstands: sometimes these can end up as a landing spot for whatever we’re carrying along at the end of the day. Move anything but the essentials back to their proper place! Get a fresh water glass, dust and clean off the surface, and maybe even bring a little bud vase with a flower in to brighten up this spot. Sweet dreams!

8/21 – Jewelry: go through your jewelry collection. Find five pieces to donate or give to a friend. Toss or sell anything that’s broken that you aren’t going to fix!

8/22 – Shoes: go through your shoes and toss any that are just plain worn out. Donate anything that is in good condition but not your style. Bring anything that needs fixing to a cobbler (don’t have one? Just do a quick search for shoe repair + your city). Polish up leather shoes to get them looking like new!

8/23 – Coat closet: with fall right around the corner, let’s get a jump start on preparing our outerwear for cooler temps! Donate anything that doesn’t fit or is no longer your style. Mend loose buttons or seams. Bring your most-used coats to the dry cleaner if you didn’t have a chance at the end of last season! Now you’ll be ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

8/24 – Outdoor toys/sporting equipment: Find five items to toss (if they’re broken or worn out) or donate.

8/25 – Kids’ toys: Find five to toss or donate. Go through them with your kiddos and talk about how they can bring a smile to someone who doesn’t have as much! Don’t have kids? Find five other things in your house to donate instead!

8/26 – Keys: round up all of the random keys in your house. If they’re old (i.e. you had your locks changed but still have the old keys), toss them! Otherwise, test them out and label them! Keep them all in a central location so you’ll find them when you need them.

8/27 – Makeup: toss or fix (there are some great tutorials on Pinterest for fixing broken compacts!) anything old, broken, or in an unflattering shade. Don’t wear much makeup? This can apply to toiletries, too!

8/28 – Nail polish: toss any that are old or have separated.

8/29 – Medicine cabinet: check expiration dates and safely dispose of anything that is past its prime or no longer needed. Make a list of staples that need to be replaced and head to the pharmacy!

8/30 – Craft supplies: go through your stash and toss anything that’s dried out or empty. Donate any supplies in good condition that you aren’t going to use. While you’re at it, use some of those almost-gone supplies on a fun project!

8/31 – Wild card: go back to any area that we’ve covered that needs a little more attention and make a second pass. Feeling good about what you’ve accomplished? Pick another spot that’s been bugging you and finish out the month strong!

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