Podcasts to Know: Part I

2015-05-08 14.49.34

I’ve been a huge fan of podcasts for some time now, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites with you. While I typically load up on them any time I’ll be making a long drive, lately I’ve also loved listening to them while doing more menial tasks like data entry. Music is fantastic, but sometimes it’s fun to break things up and learn something new!

Here are some of my current favorites (clockwise from top left):

The Lively Show
This show is so fantastic, and always inspires me to live and work more intentionally. Jess consistently brings on amazing guests and I’ve been exposed to so many phenomenal entrepreneurs, bloggers and individuals. She recently took a break to prepare for the second season, and I’m so glad to have these episodes back in rotation!
Perfect for: business owners, anyone looking to live life more intentionally

Stuff You Missed in History Class
Another favorite of mine (and Kate’s!) that we’ve been listening to for several years at this point. I was a history major in college, so I’ve loved getting refreshers on topics we discussed and learning about other historical events for the first time. The hosts really go out of their way to do thorough research, but make sure the episodes are lively and interesting instead of dense. They also have a very extensive archive, so you can find episodes on almost any time period or topic you’re looking for!
Perfect for: history lovers, lifelong learners

NPR’s TED Radio Hour
Many of NPR’s podcasts are in heavy rotation here, but I’ve really been enjoying the TED Radio Hour. It takes TED talks, shares excerpts from them and then does in-depth interviews with the speakers. Each episode is thematic, with recent topics ranging from getting organized to why we lie, so you’ll hear the stories of several different speakers each time.
Perfect for: conference junkies, Brene Brown fans

Being Boss 
This podcast is both informative and fun! Emily and Kathleen make me feel like I’m having a fun, informal and informational conversation with some of my favorite #girlboss friends. I always get so many great ideas from their episodes and take comfort in hearing from other business owners who have been in similar situations!
Perfect for: business owners, solopreneurs, anyone with a side hustle

I’d also love to hear: what are your favorite podcasts? I’m always on the lookout for new recommendations!

How Do I Organize… Keys?

how do i organize keys

One thing that seem to be floating around in almost any home I organize are keys! As people move, change jobs, buy and sell household goods, keys seem to accumulate and be tossed into random bins and drawers. Here are a few quick tips to help get them streamlined and organized.

  • Toss
    • First, gather up all of the keys that you can find. Test them out where you think they might work. If you find ones that are to old locks (i.e. you’ve had the locks changed) or to vehicles that were totaled or sold for scrap parts, go ahead and toss them. They don’t have a function and are just taking up space!
  • Return
    • If you find keys to old offices, to homes of friends or relatives that you no longer need, or to an item that you gave to someone you know, go ahead and send it their way. This will make their lives easier and yours, too.
  • Donate
    • For locks that come with keys that are no longer needed, go ahead and donate them. Perhaps you had a storage locker where a lock was required, and you no longer use it. Donate the lock + key so that someone else can use it. This is the same for combination locks. Just make sure that you include the combination!
  • Label
    • With the remaining keys that you’re keeping, label them! I’m a big fan of these key tags from Avery, since they are durable and easy to use, but you can use whatever you’d like. Clearly label all of the keys, from spare ones to your home and car, to the one for your bike lock, so that you will easily be able to identify them going forward.
  • Store
    • There are so many ways to store your remaining keys, but here are my two biggest tips:
      • Only keep the keys you use every day in your key bowl or on your key rack or console table. Store the rest in a place that is accessible but out of the way. This will make things feel much more streamlined and also help you to find your everyday keys more easily!
      • Use a binder clip to keep the rest of your keys organized. We use a large binder clip to store all of our spare keys. You can easily pop off the metal arm, slide keys on or off, and then reattach it. This way if you quickly need to get a spare key, you can grab the binder clip holder and go!

What about you? How are you keeping your keys organized? I’d love to hear! Also, please let me know if you have any other trouble items that you’d like tips on how to organize.

Organized Office Inspiration

H3 Office MoodBoard

I’ve been doing a bit of day-dreaming about our home office, and here’s what I came up with. Since Kate and I share the office, it will never be this white, pink and feminine in real life, but that’s what day-dreams are for, right?

H3 Office MoodBoard 2
1 // Bisley 8-Drawer Cabinet via The Container Store
2 // White Bisley File Cabinets via The Container Store
3 // Target Desk Chair
4 // Ikea Besta Burs Desk – a sleek classic line, plus drawers for additional storage!
5 // Gold Cherry Blossom Washi Tape via Paper Source
6 // Patch Tsugihagi Washi Tape via Paper Source
7 // Poppin White Scissors – we have these and I love them!
8 // Poppin Pink Jumbo Highlighters
9 // The Container Store Expanding Acrylic Drawer Organizer – perfect for those desk drawers.
10 // Tivoli Audio Albergo Clock Radio with Bluetooth – high quality speakers for pumping up the jams to increase productivity.
11 // Ikea Tjena Magazine Files – always love a pop of pink (the perfect mix of form and function).
12 // The Container Store Letter Sorter
13 // The Container Store Acrylic Tissue Box
14 // Emily Ley Simplified Planner in Greek Key
15 // The Container Store White File Folders
16 // The Container Store Pink Hanging File Folders
17 // The Container Store Pencil Cup – can you tell I have a thing for acrylic desk accessories?
18 // Poppin White Retractable Gel Luxe Pens – I’m particular about writing utensils, and these guys are the bomb dot com.
19 // Russell+Hazel Mini Binder in Gold – great for taking notes on multiple projects.

What about you? Do you have big plans (or dreams) for your home office?

Monday Inspiration

Scanned Files 001
My mom recently gave me her copy of this book, and I just love it! It’s such a fantastic way to get a dose of spiritual inspiration at the start and end of each day. I read this poem this morning and thought it would be something great to share at the start of the week.

How will you take time to encourage others this week? I’m thinking that lending Kate an extra hand around the house this week will be a great place to start.